6 tips on What to Wear for Family Photos

“What should we wear?” is one of the most common questions I get as a family photographer. While I’m certainly no stylist, I do have a few tips to help you out with one of the hardest things to figure out before your family photo session.

1) Comfort

Ideally, it’s best to wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel good.  Think afternoon at the theatre versus something too dressy.  

2) Busy clothing

Stay away from overly branded clothing with large logos or busy graphics.  And of course watch out for outfits that might clash. The key is to select clothing that is timeless and less distracting.  


3) Compliment versus match

Rather than match perfectly, think of having everyone wear something that goes together in a natural, yet not overly obvious way. Pick two or three main colours and pick clothes that fit that colour scheme.  As a starting point, work out Mom’s outfit and build from there.  Solid, neutral colours with a pop of colour works well.  Go for classic, not trendy. Please view this Pinterest Pin for some inspiration on colour schemes.

4) Consider the weather

Nothing is worse than being too cold or hot during a photo session.  If you’re planning a fall or winter family session, consider gloves and hats.  For a summer session, dress in layers that you can easily take off if you get too hot.


5) Plan in advance

By planning ahead, you can avoid any last minute changes and stress!  Lay all the clothes out in advance to see if you like how they all go together.  Have everyone try on and wear the clothes well in advance to ensure they fit well and are comfortable.

6) Glasses

If you wear glasses daily then by all means wear them! However, lens glare and transition lenses can keep your eyes from being seen.  Lenses with anti-reflective coating can help with glare or you can also wear just the frames.

David Eklof