3 Tips for Scheduling your Natural Outdoor Family Photo Session

I often get questions regarding when is the best time of day to schedule outdoor family photos. It’s a great question as timing can have a huge impact on the final results of the photos. The following are my top three tips for the best time of day to schedule a family session:


1) Best Lighting

“Photography is painting with light.” – Miroslav Tichy

Light is hugely important in photography. As a rule, the light is softest and most flattering the first couple of hours after sunrise and the first couple of hours before sunset. This is in contrast to mid-day sunlight, which can be harsh and unflattering.  Generally families are not terribly interested in an early morning session, so the best time for family sessions are usually 2-3 hours before sunset.  On a cloudy day, like a lot of days in Vancouver, the time of day is less important as the clouds create a soft, even light throughout the day.



2) Kids Schedules…especially with little ones!

Timing is so important with young children when scheduling your photo session.  As a rule, tired, hungry, cranky kids at a photo shoot are never a good idea.  I know that it can be quite tricky, but try to schedule your family photos around nap times and meal times when the little ones are happy and rested.



3) Location, Location, Location

So you’ve decided on the perfect location for your photo shoot, great! The last thing you want to deal with during your photo session are unwanted crowds and onlookers. So, try to pick a day and time where the location of your choice is the quietest.  For example, some locations are busier on Saturdays versus Sundays, or quieter in the mornings versus evenings.



I’d love to hear from you!

David Eklof