5 tips for Photographing Kids | Vancouver Family Photographer

Over the past few years of photographing my own kids and taking family photos, I have learned a few tricks that have made a BIG difference in getting consistently great photos of kids.   If you keep these tips in mind, and practice a lot, I guarantee you'll see improvement!  


1.   Get down to their level

This is the takeaway.  Changing your perspective and getting down to the kid’s level will instantly improve the photos of your kids.  Most snap shots of kids are from the unflattering angle of the adult looking down at the child.  By getting down to their level you will create more intimate and compelling photos.


2.   Relax. Have fun!

Don’t try to pose your kids.  If your kids are anything like mine, this always leads to frustration and really bad photos.  Be patient, go with the flow, and be ready to capture meaningful and authentic moments.


3.  Capture motion

This is my favourite.  I love capturing motion!  This one takes some practice so don't be afraid to take LOTS of photos.  Get your kids involved in an activity, get down to their level, and snap away.  This is a great way of getting shots of kids being kids.


4.   Use a fast shutter speed

It goes without saying that kids move around a lot.  You'll need to use a fast shutter speed of 1/250 or higher to freeze the action and get sharp images.  Use the “Sports Mode” if you’re using a point-and-shoot camera.


5.   Find the best light

When outdoors try to photograph in the early morning or the evening before sunset.  Photographers often refer to this time period as the 'golden hour', when the light has a magical, soft, golden glow.  If you’re shooting outside in the middle of the day, when the light is bright and harsh, try to find some shade where the light is even and more flattering.  When shooting indoors, turn out all the lights and move the activities to a large window where there’s lots of natural light.


Please contact me if you're interested in booking a family portrait session.  I am based in Burnaby and anywhere around Vancouver.  My sessions are fun and play based, and my style is relaxed and real.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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