Healing with Horses | Vancouver Family Photographer

This little girl lost her father to cancer last year.  I had the honor of photographing her session with Larissa Jaala of Epona Rose Healing with Horses.  This amazing place has provided a safe setting for her to grieve the loss of her father.  The beautiful white, healing horses, Spirit and Rain, help the girl understand her difficult emotions.  The horses mirror what she perceives as sadness, grief and frustration, which allows her to empathize with the horses and connect with those feelings in her own words.  This is truly a special place!

Epona Rose Healing with Horses is the culmination of Larissa's three decades of connecting with horses. Larissa's own experience of going through the loss of her father led her to experience the healing power of horses.  Larissa combines her 10 years of Bodymind Acupressure with her life skills coaching and Equine Facilitated Wellness Programs to support people through grief, loss and trauma so that they can move forward living life with joy, self-esteem and peacefulness.

David Eklof