Chilly Christmas Family Photo Session at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta

Planning an outdoor family photo session in the winter is tricky at the best of times, but for this family session we were super fortunate to have a clear, cool winter day.

I met with this lovely family at the picturesque Reifel Bird Sanctuary, which is a great location for family photos with its beautiful meandering trails, peaceful ponds and, of course, LOTS of birds! The session was held in the afternoon, a couple hours before sunset, which is the best time of day for family photos as the light is soft and flattering.  It was a cold day, but thankfully the sanctuary has a nice little warming hut that provided a much needed escape from the cold.

I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this session! It was such a pleasure hanging out with them and they gave me so many great moments to photograph.

Photo of family with son
Father and son family photo
Family of 3 with 1 year old photo session
Family of 5 outdoor photo session
Family of 3 photo session walking on trail
Photo session in Delta with grandparents walking through trail
Family of 3 photo session in Delta
David Eklof